Social Media – How Important They Are In Your Life

We all go through ups and downs in our lives. Sometimes we feel happier and think that moment as “The best moment in our lives” and sometimes we feel sad as if it was the most tragic day of our lives. In all such times, we got a wonderful solution called “Social Media”.

Believe me, I’ve gained so much out of social media, and if you know how to use them well, then they can surely be the cause of your happiness. Sharing thoughts with your friends is the best thing you could do when you’re sad. If you won’t share your feelings with anyone, you’ll probably be going to feel sadness for a very long time. Sharing even sad thoughts with your loved ones lessen your hurdles and help you get rid of trouble.

Maybe there is a solution to your problem? What if someone out of social media friends could suggest a solution for you? the life-changing solution? That’s true indeed. Don’t you read the success stories?

Well, you might argue that what’s the importance of using social media when you’re already happy. I’d say that if you share your happiness with the friends, you’ll feel much better, and maybe your shares could bring a smile on your friend’s face who is going through hard times?

Facebook is all about likes and thumbs, while twitter is about retweet. With time, we’re seeing newly invented social media sites. And among them, I was dazzled that there’s a social media where you can earn a decent income by sharing your feelings, and thoughts as you do on regular basis with Facebook or Twitter.

That’s true. That platform is called Steemit and well, you can’t declare it a scam because I’ve tested it myself, and man you don’t need to invest even a single dime to earn free money. They don’t have “likes” system. Instead, they have “voting” system which resembles to likes.

Basically, the worth of vote depends upon the invest worth of the person voting for your post. Votes worth varies from $0.01 to $300. When you’ll visit Steemit, you’ll see a lot of posts with 3 digits income. Maybe you think that it’s just a scam but surprisingly, this is the truth. If you want to know more about Steemit, just be with me on Lee-Lim because I’ll be sharing some important stuff about it in coming days.

Birds – The Beautiful Creation Of This World!

This time I must forget about cats and dogs because I already love them. But what should I choose if I want the different taste of pet pleasure? Ah, here we go. Birds are really adorable because of their sweet and melodious voice. If they are kept in the cage at home, it beautifies our home with their beautiful singing voices.

Especially the baby birds. Having them is really nice. If you have a baby parrot at your home, you can teach him several words and he will keep you busy for a long time. It is such a fun to teach a parrot what to speak!

A few years ago, we had a big cage of birds filled with beautiful small parrots. Those small parrots grew up and raised their own families within our cage, then all of a sudden, some virus wind destroyed our parrots and they died. My heart was really broken. I thought to buy small parrots once again but I couldn’t dare to do that.

What I dislike about birds is the fact that they have short lives. If you love your birds, then you must realize that they’ll part from you within a year or two (or maybe more). But hey! this fact doesn’t distract me from enjoying the beauty of birds.

Whenever I travel somewhere, I spend my time searching for beautiful birds and spending some of my time with them. And man, it feels good. I don’t know why do I love animals and even birds but the fact remains the fact that I do!

Be it white pigeons, parrots or finches. I love their beauty. And as I dig more and more into Youtube, I continuously find new types of beautiful birds and I say “wow, what a wonderful and beautiful creation of God”

Have a look at some of these beautiful birds. Are they not pretty and adorable?

Hmm, enough about me. What about you? Do you love the beauty of birds? Do you want to buy some and keep at your home?

How To Spend Your Leisure Time

The businessman is less likely to get free time to enjoy his hobbies but a guy like Lee (me) can have enough time in a day to enjoy his leisure time. It is a pity for businessmen that they miss such a great adventure. What adventure? Well, spending my leisure time on my hobbies is an adventure for me and as you read this article, you’ll find out why it is an adventure!

Basically, people spend their leisure time on useless stuff like going to the beach alone, or in getting some extra sleep. I am sure both of them can be good, but if they are not your hobby, then you’re doing a big mistake.

Leisure time is supposed to be spent on something very important. You must love this “something” and well, if you love “something” then it’s your hobby. For some people, playing sports can be important and for some, sleeping is important. But you know what? I am a little bit different than others in this matter.

I love to spend my leisure time with my family where we share our feelings, funny incidents that took place during our work, and even moral stories in which, we teach other how to act humanely. Then if the time still remains, I enjoy it by traveling outside. Discovering the beauties of nature can be mood freshening for sure, and that’s the case with me.

The more I discover the beauty of nature, the greater my love becomes for this world. And that makes me believe that things are “created” by someone very stronger and that someone is our “God. He is not just someone. He is the one who created everything. He has no beginnings and no end.

So, that’s how I spend my leisure time. And maybe I think that my lifestyle can be a model for you. That’s why I shared this stuff with you. If you have something unique to suggest on which my time should be spent, then be sure to suggest me.

Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage – Analysis

Last day, I was chatting with my friends about our personal preferences. The conversation continued overnight and reached to an interesting level, and then I thought, I’d present my thoughts with all the public that how I feel about love marriage and arrange marriage.

One day or the other, we all want to be married and raise our family but before that, the first step is to choose a right girl which is loyal to you and loves you more than herself. And man, there are plenty of gold diggers who will show enough respect, love and they will try to show themselves as humble as possible because, at the end of the day, you are the ticket of a lottery for her.

Youtube is filled with such videos that what a girl can do for money. How quickly they change their mind and what exactly they want. So, in this chaotic time, we must find a nice girl through which you could raise your children.

Here comes the choice of love marriage and arrange marriage. I am sure that you all are aware of love marriage. Because arrange marriage is not that popular among Chinese, some people really do that. In arrange marriage, your family member chooses a girl which they feel is best suited for you, then sometimes you’re given authority either to accept or deny the choice of your parents (though not all parents do that).

In arrange marriage, chances of gold digger girls are little because they come to know that there is a family behind the man, and if she betrays her husband later, she will face great consequences. Though it doesn’t completely eliminate the risk, still it can minimize the risk as much as possible.

In love marriage, girls will show enough love and respect, and you will be left with the question in your mind “Does she really love me or it is just her acting?” Then it will take you months and even a year to find out the truth and for what? after one year, you find out that she is now interested in someone other than you. That’s what you wanted?

Although I am not completely in favor of love marriage, I can’t declare arrange marriage as the solution either, because both have their pros and cons. It’s hard for me. I am thinking to select “arrange marriage” as my preference due to reduced risk of betrayal, but on the other side, my heart pushes me to “be the man and accept the risk”. What do you suggest?

Terrorism – Where is Humanity!

Hello Readers, My name is Lee, and I love to blog not only about my personal life but also the affairs that are important equally for all of us. Same goes for this one, I am not going to talk more about my personal life here. Instead, I want to talk about the humanity and to ask the question to terrorists, don’t they feel pain when they kill innocent people? Are they animals among human or the worst kind of that!

Humanity is everything for us. It teaches us how and when to take care of our loved ones, no matter what ethnicity you got, and even your skin color doesn’t matter. Black people are equal to white people and poor people are equally important as rich people. Since we love each other, we can’t see our brother suffer from any kind of pain.

And actually, that’s why we are named “Human”. But if we study the behavior of human, we will find out that human’s behavior is actually worst than an animal. One horse always tries to save his friend or fellow. But we are human! what happened to us? We were supposed to be much stronger than animals.

Some people might be thinking that there was never a time when human used to live with humanity, but the truth is, we might not have lived in that time but that time came. It’s just that we were not there to enjoy such humanity and now we live among wolves people who are thirsty for blood.

Terrorism! Some people think that terrorism is related with some religions. But I don’t agree with that. Blaming the religion is an excuse for an ignorant. Slowly our expenses are increasing, and science is developing every day, means that they are inventing stuff which is far precious and are not in the reach of the poor person.

Some people fight to gain the powers, and some people fight to live their rightful lives, or to save their family. We suspect those as terrorists who are actually trying to save themselves from real terrorist attack, and then real criminal runs away. It goes on and on like that. If you say that that’s because of some particular religion, then I’d strongly disagree with that.

I’ve heard people calling Christians as terrorists and even Muslims a group of terrorist. Why are you naming the religions? It’s not a religious war. It is just that rich people are thirsty to gain even more power so that they could enjoy their life as king. Although they can just dream because people like you and me exist on this planet. We won’t let the terrorist take over us. We will fight back if they harm us.