Birds – The Beautiful Creation Of This World!

This time I must forget about cats and dogs because I already love them. But what should I choose if I want the different taste of pet pleasure? Ah, here we go. Birds are really adorable because of their sweet and melodious voice. If they are kept in the cage at home, it beautifies our home with their beautiful singing voices.

Especially the baby birds. Having them is really nice. If you have a baby parrot at your home, you can teach him several words and he will keep you busy for a long time. It is such a fun to teach a parrot what to speak!

A few years ago, we had a big cage of birds filled with beautiful small parrots. Those small parrots grew up and raised their own families within our cage, then all of a sudden, some virus wind destroyed our parrots and they died. My heart was really broken. I thought to buy small parrots once again but I couldn’t dare to do that.

What I dislike about birds is the fact that they have short lives. If you love your birds, then you must realize that they’ll part from you within a year or two (or maybe more). But hey! this fact doesn’t distract me from enjoying the beauty of birds.

Whenever I travel somewhere, I spend my time searching for beautiful birds and spending some of my time with them. And man, it feels good. I don’t know why do I love animals and even birds but the fact remains the fact that I do!

Be it white pigeons, parrots or finches. I love their beauty. And as I dig more and more into Youtube, I continuously find new types of beautiful birds and I say “wow, what a wonderful and beautiful creation of God”

Have a look at some of these beautiful birds. Are they not pretty and adorable?

Hmm, enough about me. What about you? Do you love the beauty of birds? Do you want to buy some and keep at your home?

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