Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage – Analysis

Last day, I was chatting with my friends about our personal preferences. The conversation continued overnight and reached to an interesting level, and then I thought, I’d present my thoughts with all the public that how I feel about love marriage and arrange marriage.

One day or the other, we all want to be married and raise our family but before that, the first step is to choose a right girl which is loyal to you and loves you more than herself. And man, there are plenty of gold diggers who will show enough respect, love and they will try to show themselves as humble as possible because, at the end of the day, you are the ticket of a lottery for her.

Youtube is filled with such videos that what a girl can do for money. How quickly they change their mind and what exactly they want. So, in this chaotic time, we must find a nice girl through which you could raise your children.

Here comes the choice of love marriage and arrange marriage. I am sure that you all are aware of love marriage. Because arrange marriage is not that popular among Chinese, some people really do that. In arrange marriage, your family member chooses a girl which they feel is best suited for you, then sometimes you’re given authority either to accept or deny the choice of your parents (though not all parents do that).

In arrange marriage, chances of gold digger girls are little because they come to know that there is a family behind the man, and if she betrays her husband later, she will face great consequences. Though it doesn’t completely eliminate the risk, still it can minimize the risk as much as possible.

In love marriage, girls will show enough love and respect, and you will be left with the question in your mind “Does she really love me or it is just her acting?” Then it will take you months and even a year to find out the truth and for what? after one year, you find out that she is now interested in someone other than you. That’s what you wanted?

Although I am not completely in favor of love marriage, I can’t declare arrange marriage as the solution either, because both have their pros and cons. It’s hard for me. I am thinking to select “arrange marriage” as my preference due to reduced risk of betrayal, but on the other side, my heart pushes me to “be the man and accept the risk”. What do you suggest?

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