Social Media – How Important They Are In Your Life

We all go through ups and downs in our lives. Sometimes we feel happier and think that moment as “The best moment in our lives” and sometimes we feel sad as if it was the most tragic day of our lives. In all such times, we got a wonderful solution called “Social Media”.

Believe me, I’ve gained so much out of social media, and if you know how to use them well, then they can surely be the cause of your happiness. Sharing thoughts with your friends is the best thing you could do when you’re sad. If you won’t share your feelings with anyone, you’ll probably be going to feel sadness for a very long time. Sharing even sad thoughts with your loved ones lessen your hurdles and help you get rid of trouble.

Maybe there is a solution to your problem? What if someone out of social media friends could suggest a solution for you? the life-changing solution? That’s true indeed. Don’t you read the success stories?

Well, you might argue that what’s the importance of using social media when you’re already happy. I’d say that if you share your happiness with the friends, you’ll feel much better, and maybe your shares could bring a smile on your friend’s face who is going through hard times?

Facebook is all about likes and thumbs, while twitter is about retweet. With time, we’re seeing newly invented social media sites. And among them, I was dazzled that there’s a social media where you can earn a decent income by sharing your feelings, and thoughts as you do on regular basis with Facebook or Twitter.

That’s true. That platform is called Steemit and well, you can’t declare it a scam because I’ve tested it myself, and man you don’t need to invest even a single dime to earn free money. They don’t have “likes” system. Instead, they have “voting” system which resembles to likes.

Basically, the worth of vote depends upon the invest worth of the person voting for your post. Votes worth varies from $0.01 to $300. When you’ll visit Steemit, you’ll see a lot of posts with 3 digits income. Maybe you think that it’s just a scam but surprisingly, this is the truth. If you want to know more about Steemit, just be with me on Lee-Lim because I’ll be sharing some important stuff about it in coming days.

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