Terrorism – Where is Humanity!

Hello Readers, My name is Lee, and I love to blog not only about my personal life but also the affairs that are important equally for all of us. Same goes for this one, I am not going to talk more about my personal life here. Instead, I want to talk about the humanity and to ask the question to terrorists, don’t they feel pain when they kill innocent people? Are they animals among human or the worst kind of that!

Humanity is everything for us. It teaches us how and when to take care of our loved ones, no matter what ethnicity you got, and even your skin color doesn’t matter. Black people are equal to white people and poor people are equally important as rich people. Since we love each other, we can’t see our brother suffer from any kind of pain.

And actually, that’s why we are named “Human”. But if we study the behavior of human, we will find out that human’s behavior is actually worst than an animal. One horse always tries to save his friend or fellow. But we are human! what happened to us? We were supposed to be much stronger than animals.

Some people might be thinking that there was never a time when human used to live with humanity, but the truth is, we might not have lived in that time but that time came. It’s just that we were not there to enjoy such humanity and now we live among wolves people who are thirsty for blood.

Terrorism! Some people think that terrorism is related with some religions. But I don’t agree with that. Blaming the religion is an excuse for an ignorant. Slowly our expenses are increasing, and science is developing every day, means that they are inventing stuff which is far precious and are not in the reach of the poor person.

Some people fight to gain the powers, and some people fight to live their rightful lives, or to save their family. We suspect those as terrorists who are actually trying to save themselves from real terrorist attack, and then real criminal runs away. It goes on and on like that. If you say that that’s because of some particular religion, then I’d strongly disagree with that.

I’ve heard people calling Christians as terrorists and even Muslims a group of terrorist. Why are you naming the religions? It’s not a religious war. It is just that rich people are thirsty to gain even more power so that they could enjoy their life as king. Although they can just dream because people like you and me exist on this planet. We won’t let the terrorist take over us. We will fight back if they harm us.

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