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How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

Have you ever wondered how to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing? You’re not alone. Almost every cell phone user has thought about spying on someone else’s phone — some for legitimate reasons, others for crazy ones.

With the average cell phone containing a truckload of confidential and interesting information, snooping through someone else’s phone may be your best bet if you’re trying to harness information about them.

However, almost everyone takes their phone wherever they go. From the WC to the kitchen, and even to the moon (if they visit the moon). So, if you’re trying to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing, you would have to wait for pigs to fly first. Or would you?

Thanks to the emergence of spy apps, spying is now as easy as getting a happy dog to wag its tail. With these apps, you can spy on anyone as long as they have a cell phone. However, choosing a spy app for your needs can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we have outlined the best spy apps on the market.

Do Spy Apps Really Work?

Just before we hop right into reviewing the best phone spy apps, we’d like to answer a pretty popular question. When it comes to spyware apps, a lot of people are often skeptical about their efficiency. Do these apps work, or are they just another hoax by programmers to fill your phone with junk ads? Most spy apps work pretty well and come with a range of unique features. However, there are so many fake ones out there. That’s why we created this article to help you choose one from the best cell phone spy apps on the market.

Best 3 Cell Phone Spy Apps in 2020 


If you’re looking for a phone spy app that offers functionality and gives you your money’s worth, mSpy easily tops the list. This app offers a long list of features that you never even knew you needed until now.

For starters, it lets you keep track of all messages and messaging apps. You can even see all deleted messages on the target device. It equally comes with a GPS location and geofencing feature that lets you monitor their location and set boundaries as well.

With its website bookmarking feature, you can view all bookmarked websites. If you’re worried that your child has been visiting the wrong sites, this app lets you watch over them remotely.

This is by no means an extensive list of all mSpy’s features. What we love the most about this phone spy app is that it has different plans you can subscribe to, depending on your budget. The Basic plan costs about $29.99 per month while the Premium plan costs $69.99.


FlexiSPY is another phone spy app with an eye range of advanced features that work even when your device isn’t rooted. It comes with keylogging, call recording, and premium monitoring features.

What’s more, it hides all rooting tracing features on the target device if you decide to root it. It comes with three different plans for users to choose from.


Although Spyera is a little pricey, it still offers a lot of value for its price. Apart from the basic spying features, Spyera comes with many other advanced features, like spying on messaging apps, keylogger, etc. However, you can only fully enjoy these advanced features if you root/jailbreak the target device.

Spyera notifies you each time your target makes or receives a phone call, and you can record the conversation if you want.

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying? 

Although the thought of getting a spy app and having that much power in your hands is exciting, you may want to slow down a bit. Just before you buy that spy app, here are a few things you should know:

  • Access target device physically: Although a spy app lets you monitor your target device without even touching it, you will still need to have access to the device before you can set the ball rolling. For instance, most apps require you to root or jailbreak the target device before installation. To do this, you just need to have physical access to the phone.
  • Avoid free spy apps: Imagine a diseased Voltron running towards you. You’d probably avoid it, right? That’s the same thing you should do with free spy apps. Most free spy apps are fake and would either not work at all or expose you before you even start spying. Stick to paid apps.
  • Check device compatibility before you purchase: Not all versions of Android or iPhone devices are compatible with certain apps. Before you pay for any spy app, ensure that it is compatible with your phone. You can easily check for compatibility on our website or the app’s official website.


How to Choose the Best Spy App?

Before choosing any spy app, it is advisable to consider factors like pricing, features, user-friendliness, and support. Fortunately, we have tested all spy apps on this site based on these factors. As such, you can always use our ratings to choose the best spyware app for your personal purposes.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering how to spy on someone’s phone, you have your answer right here. Spy apps are your best option if you’re trying to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing.

We highly recommend mSpy in terms of functionality, pricing, and user-friendliness. However, you may also decide to go for other options if that’s what you’d prefer.